by Daydream

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released January 1, 2013




Daydream Hlavní město Praha, Czech Republic

inspired by 90's hardcore, bands such as Outspoken, Strain, Judge, Strife, Abhinanda, Undertow, Shield, Battery, Snapcase and many others...
Praha Straight Edge, strongly supporting cruelty free lifestyle and vegan/vegetarian diet.

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Track Name: Stranger
So many fucking times
I’ve lost my mind

Sometimes, when I stare in the mirror
I see a strange man
I don’t even know who I am
Or what do I want in my life

Poisoned by many lies
Hurt from empty loves

And all I want, is to find a better way
The meaning in my life
I was a stranger to myself

No hopes, no dreams
No reasons, to breathe

But… Without that feelings
I would never become myself
I would never find the point
I would never be straight edge

And this is who I am
Honest… Sober… Hungry… Foolish…
Track Name: The End Of Happiness
Here we are again
Same old story, with the same fucking end
So many empty words in the air
So many promises for what?
What does it meant to you
I thought it will never happen again
So why did I end up in pain again
Again and again

From day to day
The words flies away
What is going on?
My trust is gone

I’ve tried to fight through these days
With no chance, just losing time in empty ways

I’ve started to care
I’ve tried to share
And now again
Just the same fucking end

Now can you say the truth to me
What all these words are supposed to be?
Why did you play these games with me
It really hurts, I feel the pain

These words recall
Memories from the soul
That will never be gone
I’ll overcome!
Track Name: Shame
Tonight I will go to sleep
And wish you feel the pain
I wish you have that feeling
I wish you feel the shame

I’m not that kind of person, you wish I am
I’m not that arrogant straight edge asshole
You might think you know everything
But you did not.
I don’t care who smokes or drinks
I can respect everyone if they respect me
Respect my feelings, respect my space

Stop labeling me

If you’re smoker, It’s ok, this is your choice
But don’t bother me with your addiction

This is a shame

I don’t judge book by its cover
So please don’t judge me, by my tattoos

Turn up your mind

How much more can I be open to you
Should I start drinking so you can hear me?

No, this is your shame

And now, when all your life, you judging people
I want you to see, to see the light
I want you to see, to see what happened from being blind